Janeece Bay Area R&B Bio

Hi, my name is Janice Lipnisky. I was born on July 14, 1973 and a woman of strength and courage to make it. I record under the name Janeece. I am always optimistic about my future.

According to my parents at the age of 6, I walked around with anything and thought it was a microphone loved to sing to my family. My love for music is a gift from God. I love to sing. It is the air I breathe the steps I take every day to make every effort possible to fulfill my dreams of being a singer. My burning passion for expressing my life experiences with the world all comes from my past hurts of rape domestic violence drugs and incarcerations.

This is where my music and dance life began. In 1978 my mother worked at Bethany Bible College and a female student there agreed to give me piano lessons. Trust me I tried but, I wasn't that good. In 1982 to 1983 I belonged to Sherri Lynn Dancers where I learned tap, jazz and ballet. I even went through my roller-skating phase. But, not until I broke my wrist twice did I come to the conclusion of sticking with singing.

My songwriting skills started in the 6th grade where I wrote poetry for the school poetry book. In 1984 I entered rainbow girls and Jobs daughters. In 1989, well July 4,1989 I lost my life long friend Lisa Owens, her mother, brother and sister to a drunk driver. Her father is paralyzed from the neck down and in a wheel chair for life. Through high school I became very rebellious. In 1990 I sang in the grand bethel choir. From 1988 to 1991 I sang in all of my high school choirs at Sequel, Harbor and Oak Ridge High School. In 1991 Oak Ridge High went to the state choir championship and ranked second in the state of California.

After graduating from high school in 1991 my parents bought me my first car (Mazda). Me being ungrateful, the day after graduation I went with my close friend. We took off from my parent's house without even waiting for my parents to get up so my dad could register, insure and tune up the car. We took off and drove back to my hometown of Santa Cruz where I met someone who changed my life forever; this is where my life of crime and drug abuse began.

September 10, 1994, I sang at my brother Jerry's wedding in the redwood trees at Roaring Camp, Felton California. I sang Bette Midler's song 'The Rose' as my sister-in-law walked down the aisle. After the ceremony many people asked my brother who his singer was and he said "she is my sister".

In 1997 was my first time ever getting incarcerated, I stayed out of trouble for quite a while until 2003 when I was once again back in jail. In 2004 I was in a major car accident and moved home with my parents while I went through physical, therapy. I was in many drug recovery programs outpatient even in sober living homes and shelters. During my times in jail I participated in programs like (Wings, My Story, and Artemis and R.C.P. The Regimented Correctional Program) in 2008 and 2009 were the hardest times incarcerated for Probation Violations, on my last trip I faced 3 years of my life in prison and through honesty and faith God blessed me to be in judge Manley's court room and released in November of 2010.

I had started my life if drug recovery in October of 2008 when I was first extradited from Vegas to Santa Clara county, CA. July 12, 2011 I received the biggest reality check of my life while being pregnant. I was given a diagnosis that brought me to rock bottom in depression, through the love of my family and true friends I stand tall and with pride. As if October 10,2011 I celebrated 3 years in recovery.

October 14,2011 was the happiest day of my life because I gave birth to my son Kayan Lipnisky Thompson. God blessed me to have my adorable son by cesarean with my oldest brother John Lipnisky Jr by my side in the operating room. He was the first one to hold my son at birth.

This is my new start my new life today. I am proud to say that I have pursued my dreams and with hard work and efforts regardless of my rough times with domestic violence relationships and more including rape and assaults, God has blessed me to live. I lost 2 very important men in my life in the past few years which include Daniel Lenny "goofy" Moore and Carl "green eyes" Wiseman. May they rest in peace. If you go to my music page please listen to "do you still love me" which I wrote for them. Today I grieve over the death of my best friend Kathleen Williams husband Richard Williams Jr who passed on May 5,2011, rest in paradise. I understand her pain and how hard it is to move forward. I may have health problems but god truly keeps me strong everyday.

Thank you to so many people but most of all to my mother and father John and Jackie Lipnisky, my brother John Jr, my best friend Kathleen Williams, Jai my sons father, his brothers Dante and Cory Thompson and their mom and dad, my brothers in heart BAM, T Rascoe, Jojo, David and Adam. To my family at Texas Explosion Entertainment Jinn Douglas and Don you are the greatest. To the Furious 5 "congrats on the Grammy music hall of fame, you deserve it". To Wu Tang Management, armed Rebel ENT. and Most of all Speedchild wherever you may be, if you read this thank you for being the motivation and the one to open many doors for me. The bottom line is that you can do whatever you set your mind to. You can and will succeed. God is Great and God bless all who read this. Make a change in your community by helping; those misfortunate to obtain their goals and dreams.